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Zanah is featured on several postcards designs available for sale where proceeds go towards their upkeep
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Rabbit Cafe Langkawi
Rabbit Cafe @ Wildlife Park
Langkawi's best coffee is also served at Rabbit Cafe, situated within the Langkawi Wildlife Park
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at Elephant Cafe Langkawi

Brewing Since 2011

The opening of Bolaven Cafe Langkawi in May 2011 marked our first foray into cafe operations. Then located adjacent to a "live" tiger exhibit, our cafe was also popular known as the "tiger cafe." Of course, Zanah––the tigrress––has since moved to new grounds nearby and even though sales suffered as a result, we are on the cusp of expanding cafe operations/activities on Langkawi and on Penang.

In August 2014, the Rabbit Cafe––sandwiched between Langkawi Wildlife Park's Rabbit Garden and Malayan Porcupine exhibit––became our second outlet within a zoo, making this and wildlife-themes our forte.

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Our Unique "Coffee with Tiger" Experience Rabbit Cafe's Ice Cream a Hit with Guests

Exciting Times Ahead

For 2016, the "Elephant Cafe" brand will replace "Bolaven Cafe" in a move that will free our cafe operations to introduce a new range of coffee, enhanving guests' coffee choices. Guests may––from January 2016––select specialty coffee from the Bolaven Plateau or opt for a European brand too. More to come...

In choosing a name for the future, we looked back at the past to pick "elephant" as the new cafe name. After all, the"elephant" was what brought us to Langkawi in 2006 in the first place.

In December, Hornbill Cafe––a collaboration with the Penang Bird Park––will incorporate our cafe concepts. A little after that by Chinese New Year 2016, the Jungle Cafe––our target flagship outlet––should also commence operations adjacent to Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi--reviving the "coffee with tiger" experience.

Work on a fifth outlet––albeit an express concept––will come online later in the year 2016. This outlet will be adjcent to Elephant Adventures at the Orietnal Village.

#ElephantCafeLangkawi #ElephantCafeLangkawi
Works-in-Progress: The Jungle Cafe @ Tiger! Tiger! Returning Soon: Tiger! Tiger! + Coffee! Coffee!

Signature Theme

Following the impact of our first cafe with a "live" tiger exhibit, customers' satisfaction and awe have led us to retain animal- or wildlife theme at all subsequent outlets–-whether or not they feature "live" animal exhibits.

As at November 2015, all our cafes (including those commencing opeations soon) are located within zoos and/or are adjacent to "live" animal exhibits, making this feature our signature concept.


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